As promised, we burned more than 2 million DJ15 tokens valued at aproximately $550,000,000

March 19th, 2021



The DJ15 token was created by software developer and crypto Youtuber Davinci Jeremie; launched on August 16, 2020, and announced on Twitter the same day.

The idea behind the creation of the DJ15 token, is to fundraise for the DavinciJ15 YouTube channel, improving the content and video quality presented to its YouTube subscribers. It provides us more freedom to develop content for the crypto community on our YouTube channel and on diverse platforms, such as Twitter and Twitch, among others, where you can find DavinciJ15 content.

2.1 million coins were originally produced; however, we are committed to selling only thirty thousand tokens. We will be reducing the total amount available for use to 240,000 tokens, burning the remaining amount. The DJ15 Token can be purchased on Uniswap, and it can be stored on Pandora's Wallet, Metamask, among others, or on any hardware wallet.



Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum. To be more precise, it is an automated liquidity protocol. DJ15 token is avaiable there or any other text here.

Pandora's Wallet

DJ15 token can be stored on Pandora's Wallet (a multi-cryptocurrency virtual wallet, which enables you to connect to various exchanges), Metamask, or on any hardware wallet.

Business model:

12.5% of all media revenue generated will be used to purchase tokens that will later be burnt; thus, creating scarcity and possibly increasing the value of the token.

How to buy DJ15 Token

Where you can get the DJ15 token source, explained by Davinci. This social token is to will be used to gain special access in the future.

How to enter the DJ15 Token telegram group

This is a step by step guide to signing (and verifying) a message in order to enter the Telegram Group. To enter the DJ15 Token telegram group you must have at least 0.05 DJ15 and speak to the bot found at this link: TokenBot



What are we going to do with 210,000 tokens left if you are only selling 30,000 tokens?

We Plan to use it anyway we see fit in order to improve our video content and the team behind it

What is burning a token?

This means you send a token to an addres that no one has acess to, thus those tokens sent will be lost forever. Our burn address is:

Will you be listing the DJ15 token on other exchanges?

At the time we will only be using decentralized exchanges

What is the exit strategy for this token?

At some point in the future we plan to buy all the tokens back at a fixed market price.

What are the benefits of holding a DJ15 Token?

You gain acess to our private DJ15 telegram group, Acces live streams, Interact with DavinciJ15, Possible profits from the token


Up to date graphical information about the pricing, liquidity and financial movement of the DJ15 Token.